Ways to help

There are a number of ways that you can support your Canyon View student.

Coyote Cash

Coyote Cash was created to give Canyon View Families the option of donating money directly to the Canyon View FFO in lieu of fundraisers like candy bars and magazine subscriptions. 100% of your donation supports our programs. Your donation is an investment in your child’s education. While any donation amount is gratefully accepted, a $100 donation from each CV family will allow us to maintain programs like the artist in residence, school assemblies and purchasing classroom supplies. 


Or, write a check to Canyon View FFO, making sure to include your child’s name and teacher in the memo field, and mail it to the CV office.

What is a Coyote Cash?

Coyote Cash was created to give Canyon View Families the option of donating money directly to the Canyon View FFO in lieu of selling fundraisers. This way 100% of your donation supports our programs. Please invest in your child's education by contributing generously.

Who should donate?

Our goal is for 100% participation from Canyon View Families. We have determined the cost of FFO sponsored programs to be approximately $100 per student. Any donation amount is appreciated, no amount is too small. All contributions are confidential.

Why should I donate; don't my taxes cover education expenses?

Catalina Foothills School District's budget is funded from the Arizona State budget. The amount allocated is the same for each student in every Arizona school. Currently, the allocated per pupil spending amount puts Arizona near the bottom of all 50 states. Keep in mind the majority of CFSD's budget pays for staff (teachers being the number one resource). There are still many items and programs that need to be funded and in CFSD, this is done through four separate agencies: Family Faculty Organizations (FFOs), Canyon View Elementary Gifts and Donations, AZ Tax Credit, and CFSD Foundation. Families can contribute to each of 4 agencies as each supports students in distinct ways.

When should I give?

Coyote Cash given at any time during the year are welcome. We encourage families to contribute at the beginning of each school year to take advantage of the current year's tax credit. Additionally, this allows the FFO to plan for the school year ahead.

Where does my donation go?

At every FFO meeting the Treasurer gives a financial report and provides a current copy of the annual budget. The annual budget is proposed by the Executive Board and voted on by FFO members (CV parents and Staff). Amendments to the budget are also voted on. Meeting agendas, notices, and issues to be voted on are posted in advance.

How do I make a donation?

You may write your check to Canyon View FFO (make sure to include your child's name and teacher). Please send it in with your student or you may drop it off at the CV office. The sealed envelope can be marked ATTN: CV FFO. We have also tried to make things as easy for you as possible, a Square account is set up here on the website's homepage. After your donation has been received by our bank, you will receive a receipt.

What are Corporate Matching Gifts?

Many companies have programs through which they will match charitable contributions made by their employees. Through corporate gift matching, an employer can multiply a donation to Canyon View, making the donation and the benefits that our students receive go further. If your employer does offer this program, they should provide you with a matching gift form. How can I find out if my employer has a Corporate Matching Gifts Program?  You can find out if your employer participates by inquiring with your HR Director.

Basha’s Community Support Card

Basha’s and other area grocery stores know that schools are important to their community well being. And with their card programs, Canyon View FFO benefits when you shop. Basha’s rechargeable gift card gives 6% back to area schools.